3 Effective Methods Of Bed Bugs Pest Control

Bed Bugs can be harmful to many people and when it occurs in your house, it should be removed immediately. These bed bugs are blood-suckers that are commonly found in households, hostels or offices building where wandering travelers stay overnight. These even get inside second-hand furniture or clothing.

Bed Bug

So, before it gets serious and you may start getting many problems and diseases; you must take necessary precautions and call a bed bug pest control.

Here are some effective methods of bed bugs pest control:

Visual Inspections

There are many effective methods of assessing a bed bug infestation. the experts do first basic visual inspections that play an important role in most professional pest control strategies nowadays. A professional pest control knows the basic signs of bedbugs and can easily help in its removal. Some bed bugs may hide in the cracks and are hard-to-reach some place. Therefore, it can likely educate a building or business owner on the extensiveness of the problem.

Filter Vacuum

The pest professional also uses a vacuum to remove bed bugs from the site. It can possibly remove the infestation completely and remove all the bed bugs easily. It also avoids the use of chemicals, thus bed bugs are removed without the spread of harmful pesticides.

Laundering And Encasements

If the bedbugs have entered into your clothes, curtains, or bedding, then it is the time that infestation has likely reached its height. Therefore, you should give all your clothes and curtains to the laundry to get it cleaned.


Role Of A Pest Control Company In Exterminating Bed Bugs

When there are huge number bed bugs in your home or office that becomes a problem then is the time you require service of a pest control company. They have multiple roles and perform various functions that help you in getting rid of bed bugs in Colorado.

Bed Bug Treatment

Check out some role and functions performed by a certified pest control company.

Exterminate all insects and tiny creatures

The pest control company bring personal distress among people and damage the food grains. To completely destroy all bed bugs and its infestation, you require the assistance of a reputed and licensed pest control company. Though the bed bugs may be small in size, they are a fast-growing threat in major cities.

Helps you in getting rid of bedbugs

The more you delay to take action of calling pest control company the more you get into a problem. By swiftly calling Bed Bug Exterminators you can initiate the action which will prevent you and your family members from being bitten by these little bloodsuckers and also begin the extermination process smoother.

They have professional skills and expertise

To get rid of bed bug infestation in a controlled manner you need a service of an expert that has been qualified in removing beg bugs forever. But to do that you need to identify the right pest control company with well-trained and authorized bed bug exterminators.

Thus, these exterminators make it easy for you to live in a neat place free from bed bugs.

Why Is It Necessary To Hire Bed Bugs Specialist For Pest Control?

Treating bed bugs is a bit complex that is the reason many people hire bed bugs specialist to lead the effort. As a professional can be a bit costly, thus it is important to research the right professional that fits your role and helps in pest control.

bed bug specialist

It is quite important to have regular pest control done by a professional because of the following reasons:

  1. They make sure that all bed bugs are removed

The bed bugs specialist use complex and professional methods. They remove all personal items, launder infested garments and linens, dismantle bed frames, clean the area perfectly and much more. Through these ways they ensure that all bed bugs are removed and their germs too.

  1. They use professional tools and methods

Each chemical class kills bed bugs using a different method of action. It can be helpful and easy to use pesticides that differ in their mode of action. It reduces the likelihood and helps in controlling bed bugs growth which makes it simpler for their removal. Using a combination of pyrethrins and pyrethroid can help remove bed bug control.

  1. They also ensure that bed bugs do not come back

The professional doesn’t just do work for the removal but they also make sure that the bed bugs do not occur again. They kill the adult bed bugs and their egg with the help of heat treatment. Technicians even bring 120 degrees Fahrenheit to your home.

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Myth: Bed Bugs Are Confined To Bed

It is a misconception that bed bugs are confined to bed only, they can populate speedily and spread in entire room in small time frame. This is the reason that people fail to do an effective bed bug treatment on their own.

bed bug specialist

They are more than often found in mattresses, pillows, bed frame but that doesn’t mean that they are confined to it. Bed bugs can hide in almost any minute crack, and it can be next to impossible to find them unless they come out for food. A bed bug infestation is widespread and only an expert bed bug specialist can eliminate all the tiny monsters from your house.

How to find bed bugs

You must start looking for signs and start it with bed, look for blood stains, live bugs on the bedsheet and pillows. Also have a close watch on the eggs and egg shells that are shed by nymphs while growing up. Scan the couch, chairs, nearby area of bed, curtains, wall hangings etc.

How to deal with this menace

Bed bugs can live and remain active between at temperature as low as 7°C (46°F) but the survival chances become nil once the temperature reaches 45°C (113°F). Some bed bug specialist provides the heat treatment, which is considered to be the most effective bed bug solution so far. In this treatment, the entire room is heated to a temperature that kills all the bed bugs; no matter where they hide, they will be killed for sure.

Why Is Bed Bug Treatment Important For Your Property?

Bed bugs are parasites that feed on blood that make you have sleepless nights and extreme itching. You can find these bed bugs anywhere – hotels, stores, offices, gym and more. They easily hide at luggage, personal belongings, some closed areas or even on you. Once these bed bugs get indoor, it is difficult to control them and need a good treatment to control it.


Being a property owner, you know that keeping your area clean and bugs away from your surroundings in very important. As no one likes to be around your property if it has bed bugs and pests.

Ideally, you don’t need to face bed bugs when you can control it easily. Yes, generally speaking when you have an idea of keeping your surroundings clean by doing pest control, you always think of contacting a pest management professional. They easily come to you and make your property bed bugs free.

Bed-Bug Pre-treatment procedures

  • Reduce clutter
  • Remove your dirty and uncleaned garments
  • Deconstruct bed frames
  • Clean the area
  • Seal up all the holes

Treatment is the only way to control it!

If you have a hotel, then it is mandatory that you do pest control every often without fail. As your business runs only on the type of hotel you have and if it is well cleaned then it will definitely attract customers.

Professionals such as pest control solution make your work easy and are the best way to eradicate from this problem.

How To Find Bed Bugs: Step By Step Instructions

If not discovered on time, bed bugs can give you one the most harrowing experiences of your life. It is always better to find them as early as possible, before the infestation becomes widespread. A delayed action will lead to more difficult removal although it is not easy to identify bed bugs at initial stage as they can be easily mistaken with other insects like carpet beetles. This interim time gives additional time to bed bugs to overreach other areas.

Look For Signs

To find out the bed bugs, one must closely look for signs. Start with the bed, look for blood stains on the bedsheet caused by bed bugs being crushed. You must further look for eggs or egg shells that are shed by nymphs while growing or watch out for live bugs. Bed bugs hide near bed, seams of chairs and couches, between cushions, in the folds of curtains, wall hangings etc.   You must keep a check on all these areas.

Living Condition Of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs can survive and remain active at temperatures as low as 7°C (46°F), but they can’t survive once their body temperatures reach 45°C (113°F).

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Keeping in mind the living condition of bed bugs, Heat Pro has introduced the bed bug heat treat where heat is used to kill the bed bugs. No matter where they are hiding, the increased room temperature will ensure the extermination of all the bed bugs, relieving you from all those painful bites. It is the most effective bug treatment so far that just require a single day for execution.

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Bed Bug Treatment

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